Arik Cannon

Pro Debut Year: 
Former Member of D.U.F. with Sami Callihan and Pinkie Sanchez
Trademark Moves: 
Anarchist Hammer (inverted death valley driver), Glimmering Warlock (step-up enzuigiri on kneeling opponent), Total Anarchy (snap swinging neckbreaker while opponent is hung on ropes), Fallaway Slam, Moonsault
Titles & Awards: 

AAW Heritage Champion (2 times), CHIKARA Young Lions Cup IV, 2005 CHIKARA Tag World Grand Prix, IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Champion

Fast Facts: 

Formed D.U.F. with Sami Callihan..."The Anarchist" is no stranger to Dragon Gate as he toured for the promotion in Japan in 2007...a big part of F1rst Wrestling in Minneapolis...known as a hard-hitter, but he also has aerial skills...was on MTV's Wrestling Society X...regular competitor for AAW...has anger issues...viciously attacked AR Fox...will never back down from a fight.