Caleb Konley

Pro Debut Year: 
Trademark Moves: 
Ob-Scene (hangman DDT/ bridging German suplex combo), Stalling Suplex/ Back Chop Combo, Catapult Powerslam, Oh! Face ( trapped hands pendulum crab hold), Home Wrecker (cut throat neck breaker)
Titles & Awards: 

FIP Tag Team Champion, Deep South Wrestling Tag Team Champion, PWI International Champion

Fast Facts: 

Former one half of the Open The United Gate Champions with Anthony Nese...Formerly Sponsored by Larry Dallas...formed tag team with like minded Scott Reed in July of 2011...became part of DGUSA after earning a spot in Tag Team Discovery in September 2011...Split with Dallas & Reed at WrestleCon...well rounded athlete with technical and aerial skills...very popular with the ladies.