Davey Richards

Pro Debut Year: 
Trademark Moves: 
DR Driver (double underhook piledriver), Kimura Lock (chicken wing wristlock with neckscissors), Alarm Clock (military press into kick to face), Horse Collar (over the shoulder single leg crab), Shooting Star Press, Kick Variations.
Titles & Awards: 

PWG 2006 Battle Of Los Angeles Winner; PWG World Tag Team Champion (3 times); FIP World Heavyweight Champion; ROH World Tag Team Champion (2 times); ECWA 2006 Super 8 Winner: 2009 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup Winner; 2009 Battle of the Belts Tournament Winner 

Fast Facts: 

Breakout year in 2009 with FIP Heavyweight and ROH World Tag Team Title runs...has had several tours with Pro Wrestling NOAH...trained by Tony Kozina...has a hard-hitting style based around strikes and kicks...well versed in submissions and suplexes...successful in tournaments...first earned reputation in PWG...been part of numerous factions and tag teams. Addendum: Had must see matches against Shingo at "Open The Untouchable Gate 2009" and YAMATO at "Open The Freedom Gate" in 2009.