Jon Moxley

Pro Debut Year: 
Trademark Moves: 
Crossface Chicken Wing, One Hitter (vertical suplex DDT), Hook & Ladder (double chickenwing facedriver), Orange Crush, Fujiwara armbar
Titles & Awards: 

FIP World Heavyweight Champion; CZW World Champion; WXW Germany Tag Team Champion; HWA Heavyweight Champion; IWA Puerto Rico Tag Team Champion


Fast Facts: 

Will defend FIP World Heavyweight Title in DGUSA...known for his unpredictable behavior and volatile personality...gained reputation for his death match exploits overseas...has a violent temper, but is sharp minded and calculating in the ring...a vastly underrated technician...can absorb incredible amounts of punishment...with his natural ability and mean streak he could upset anyone in the world on any given night...raised himself as a kid...was aligned with Brian Kendrick in DGUSA...had brief feud with Tommy Dreamer in DGUSA...breakout star of 2010 by holding many championships at the same time...get to know Jon Moxley by watching this video with a promo and short match: Addendum: Can be called DGUSA's first homegrown star as leader of Kamikaze USA. After around 1 1/2 years in DGUSA he signed with WWE.