Lince Dorado

Pro Debut Year: 
Trademark Moves: 
Shooting Star Press, Lynx-Sault, Spanish Fly, Asi Moonsault, Sick Flip DDT, High Cross Body Block, Senton, Sit Out Piledriver
Titles & Awards: 

CHIKARA 2008 King of Trio Winner, 2009 Revolucha Cup Winner, F1st Wrestling Sweets Sixteen Cup Winner, 1st ever FRAY! Winner

Fast Facts: 

After training under CHIKARA's Wrestle Factory, the "Purfect 10" Lince Dorado sought authentic training in lucha libre under El Pantera and one of Dragon Gates original trainer Skayde. The hybrid luchadore also saw action over seas in Japan and the Caribbean and continues to try to claw is was on the main roster. Lince Dorado won the first ever FRAY! defeating who would later become the Open the Freedom Gate Champion, Johnny Gargano. Lince Dorado had a great showing at EVOLVE 16 taking on AR FOX in a back and forth showing. They would meet again at FIP and EVOLVE 22 in a show stealing fashion.