Masaaki Mochizuki

Pro Debut Year: 
Veteran Army
Trademark Moves: 
Twister (twisting brainbuster), Twister II (twisting falcon arrow), Saikyou High Kick (left high kick), Shin Saikyou High Kick (right high kick), Tope Masaaki (over the top rope suicide dive)
Titles & Awards: 

Open The Dream Gate Champion (2 times), Open The Twin Gate Champion, Open The Triangle Gate Champion (3 times), 2006 King Of Gate Winner, FIP World Heavyweight Champion

Fast Facts: 

The current Open The Dream Gate Champion is the most revered veteran of Dragon out for his hard-hitting kicks...has also held titles in Japan for WAR and Zero 1-Max...graduated from Koji Kitao's dojo...competed in 1995 Super J Cup...saw action in the United States for ROH...perhaps the most effective wrestler in Dragon Gate with kicks...traded the FIP World Heavyweight Title back-and-forth with Davey Richards last December and January...known as the last guy you'd want to get in a fight with in the Dragon Gate locker room...was called out by D.U.F. in June...leader of Junction Three.