Pinkie Sanchez

Pro Debut Year: 
Member Of D.U.F. with Sami Callihan and Arik Cannon
Trademark Moves: 
Burning Snicklefritz (sit-out burning hammer), The Shining (shinning wizard hip-attack), Snakes Revenge (front guilotine spike ddt), bootiez4breakfast (top rope woopie cushion), pink poison
Titles & Awards: 

2009 Chikara Cibernetico Champion, 2011 IWA-Deep South Carnage Cup champion

Fast Facts: 

Fits right into D.U.F. with this psychopathic attitude...trained extensively at the infamous Doghouse Academy in NYC...also trained at the CHIKARA Wrestle Factory...can wrestle a variety of styles including death matches, but favors hard strikes...controversial and carefree...part of a vicious attack by D.U.F. on AR Fox...a loose cannon that will push the limits.