Pro Debut Year: 
World-1 International
Trademark Moves: 
Double Rotation Moonsault, 630 Senton, Chocolate Rain (double knee drop on standing opponent's shoulders), Corkscrew 450 Splash, Corner Backflip Kick
Titles & Awards: 

Open The United Gate Champion (2 times), Open The Twin Gate Champion (2 times), Open The Triangle Gate Champion, Open The Brave Gate Champion

Fast Facts: 

Former Open The Freedom Gate Champion...Has emerged as a star in both the United States and Japan...was handpicked as a partner by CIMA...won the Open The Triangle Gate Title with CIMA and Dragon Kid on his very first tour of Japan...it is unheard of for a new wrestler to win a title on their very first tour of Dragon Gate...never lost the titles as they were vacated when Dragon Kid left Blood Warriors...an absolutely amazing athlete known for his incredible high-flying...can do things that no one else can including the double moonsault...his recent success has made him cocky...in a rivalry with PAC.