Sami Callihan

Pro Debut Year: 
Member of D.U.F. with Arik Cannon and Pinkie Sanchez
Trademark Moves: 
Stretch Muffler (Boston Crab Like Submission), Headlock Driver, Forearm Smash, Lariat, Koji Clutch
Titles & Awards: 

2010 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup Winner; WXW World Tag Team Champion; JAPW Tag Team Champion; CZW Ironman Champion

Fast Facts: 

Formed D.U.F. with Arik Cannon after being frustrated in his start in HWA under Les Thatcher...has had success in tournaments including winning the 2010 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup...popular in Germany where he regularly competes for WXW...competes regularly in CZW...has death match experience including being in Cage Of Death X...wrestles a very aggressive, hard-hitting style with unique moves...tried to destroy the face of AR Fox...known for his over-the-edge promo videos...showed he isn't afraid to fight anyone by challenging both Masato Yoshino and Masaaki Mochizuki this year.