Scott Reed

Pro Debut Year: 
Member of The Scene
Trademark Moves: 
Ob-Scene (hangman DDT/ bridging German suplex combo), Stalling Suplex/ Back Chop Combo, Catapult Powerslam, Smash Mouth ( Inverted swinging neck breaker), Cheers ( Crucifix spinning power bomb)
Titles & Awards: 

FIP Tag Team Champion

Fast Facts: 

Sponsored by Larry Dallas...started teaming with Caleb Konley at EVOLVE 9 in July 2011 and then earned DGUSA spot in Tag Tag Discovery in September 2011...coming out of the Northeast with a very impressive singles career...known for a very aggressive style, but is well rounded and has been known to pull off some aerial maneuvers when the time is needed...split with Caleb Konley at Wrestlecon...competed in the 2008 ECWA Super 8.