Susumu Yokosuka

Pro Debut Year: 
Member of Team Jimmy
Trademark Moves: 
Jumbo no Kachi! (lariat into pinfall attempt), Yokosuka Cutter (innovated this form of the cutter), Aikata (overhead gutwrench into DDT), Mugan (cross arm version of Aikata), Exploder Suplex,
Titles & Awards: 

Open The Dream Gate Champion, Open The Triangle Gate Champion (2 times), Open Twin Gate Champion (3 times)

Fast Facts: 

Forms the K-nesuka tag team with of the true veterans of Dragon Gate...has taken both BxB Hulk and YAMATO to the limit in title matches...trained at Ultimo Dragon's dojo in Mexico...member of some of Dragon Gate's most successful factions...has competed in ROH and PWG in the United States...known for explosive and powerful offense.