Pro Debut Year: 
Mad Blankey
Trademark Moves: 
Galleria Special (variation of sit down piledriver), CBV (crossface), Death Valley Driver, German Suplex, Choke Sleeper
Titles & Awards: 

Open The Dream Gate Champion (2 times), Open The Triangle Gate Champion (2 times), Open The Twin Gate Champion (2 times)

Fast Facts: 

The Current Open The Dream Gate Champion

A former Open The Freedom Gate Champion...ended Naruki Doi's historic Open The Dream Gate Title reign in 2010...in a career long rivalry in Japan with CIMA...5th graduate of Dragon Gate dojo...has MMA experience for Pancrase before training with Dragon Gate...has competed in the United States for ROH and FIP...won the first NEX-1 tournament for rookie graduates of the Dragon Gate dojo...made it to finals of Open The Freedom Gate Title tournament...won the very first DGUSA PPV match by defeating BxB Hulk in a bout that immediately set the tone for DGUSA...was part of the very dangerous Kamikaze USA faction...feuded with Mike Quackenbush and CHIKARA Sekigun in DGUSA.